Workshops for Youth

Get clarity and insight on your unique skills and interests in this hands-on workshop for teenagers.

Do you spend way too much time in your head thinking about all the choices and challenges in front of you? Or do you feel overwhelmed and stuck about what to do next? Are you excited to make a positive change in the world, but not sure what your role should be?

Figuring out the answers to these questions is hard. But do you have the tools and support to make sense of all the noise and options out there? This workshop aims to help you on your journey, to feel in control of your life now and draw a map for the future.

In this workshop, you’ll get support to get your ideas, thoughts and options down on paper using a Japanese life mapping tool, called Ikigai. Through this self-exploration you’ll get clarity and insight on your unique skills and interests and what action you might take next.

Sign-up now and join other like-minded people in this fun, hands-on and inspiring workshop. Spots are limited to 15 participants. It is open to students and adults.

What you’ll takeaway:

* Get help on dealing with lots of choices in your life
* Better understand who you are
* Become empowered to make big decisions
* Set goals and make a plan
* Discover tools and exercises to take with you
* Meet like-minded people

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Tom Pagliaro